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How to configure voicemail options?

Published: 6 January 2022 Last updated: 17 February 2022

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Voicemail can be set as a call forwarding rule, meaning you can direct unanswered calls and calls directly to voicemail without ringing.

You can set the voicemail to behave in various different ways, when a call goes through to voicemail.

Please note if you are in a ring group or use a handset these options do not apply. Check out this FAQ:

To access the voicemail settings:

  1. Within Microsoft Teams select your profile icon in the top right hand corner. This will be your initials or a profile photo you have set.
  1. Select ‘Manage accounts‘ from the drop down menu.
  1. Select ‘Calls‘ from the settings menu
  1. Under the ‘Voicemail’ heading, select ‘Configure voicemail‘.

To set a personalised greeting – audio and text to speech:

You can set a personalised audio recording as a greeting, in the voicemail settings by selecting ‘Record a greeting‘.

If you do not want to set an audio recording as your greeting, you can also set text to speech options, by entering in a message underneath ‘Your customised greeting‘ or ‘Your customised out of office greeting‘.

Customised voicemail options:

When a caller is diverted to voicemail, you can set various voicemail options. Such as being able to play a message then be transferred or leave a voicemail, as well as playing a greeting without leaving a message.

Use the drop down menu under ‘Call answer rules’ to set how you would like your voicemail to behave.

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