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What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop is the best way to access specific corporate resources whilst you’re working remotely. Including when you’re using a University Laptop off-site. Windows Virtual Desktop comes pre-installed with a variety of corporate resources include O Drive, SITS and Jane. You can also remote into your current desktop on-site.

Do I need to request access to Windows Virtual Desktop?

The IT Service will need to set you up with access to Windows Virtual Desktop before you can use it. You can request access via the Self-Service Portal.

Using a Device off-site:

If you use a University Laptop whilst off-site this will not behave in the same way as using this on-campus on the wired network. Such as giving you access to corporate resources.

Most IT Services you will use on your University/personal laptop will be accessible remotely, such as Office 365.

Using Windows Virtual Desktop:

You can use Windows Virtual Desktop when working off-site to access corporate resources, giving you access to systems you would use when connected to the corporate network (wired).

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Windows Virtual Desktop Frequently Asked Questions

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