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Windows Virtual Desktop

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What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop also known as WVD is the best way to access your on-site desktop PC or specific corporate resources such as O:Drive, SITS and Jane whilst you’re working remotely.

Using a device off-site:

Most IT Services you will use on your University or personal laptop are accessible remotely, such as the Microsoft 365 apps.

You can use Windows Virtual Desktop when working off-site to access corporate resources, giving you access to systems that you would normally require you to connect your device to the corporate wired network.

For example:

  • O: Drive
  • KX
  • SITs Live (To access SITS, use the full Remote Desktop application)

Requesting access

You will need to request access to Windows Virtual Desktop via the IT Service Desk.

  1. Go to the Self-Service Portal then select Submit a Request
  2. Choose Accessing Services Off-Site from the drop-down menu
  3. Complete the request form then press Submit

Once your request has been processed the IT Service Desk will be in touch to provide instructions.

Frequently asked questions

Can I access applications other than those on the Windows Virtual Desktop?

Most of our IT Services are accessible without requiring remote access tools such as Windows Virtual Desktop. If you require access to other applications than those currently available via Windows Virtual Desktop, we recommend installing them on your local computer.

If you require further assistance with this, please contact the IT Service Desk on +44(0)1905 85 7500, or you can also log a ticket through the IT Self-Service Portal.

Using SITS on Windows Virtual Desktop

If you need to use SITS, we recommend using the full client rather than the web client. We recommend using the application via Windows Virtual Desktop rather than remotely connecting to a desktop PC so that we can ensure it runs effectively.

If you do experience any problems using the SITS application on the Windows Virtual Desktop, please log a ticket through the IT Self-Service Portal.

I’m unable to see the application listed within Windows Virtual desktop

Access to Windows Virtual Desktop application and services needs to be requested via the IT Self-Service Portal.

I’m using an iMac/MacBook. Can I still use the Windows Virtual desktop service?

Yes, you can access Windows Virtual Desktop using the web client or the MacOS full client.

How can I access Windows Virtual Desktop?

What should I do when I get a blank screen in Windows Virtual Desktop?

You may see a blank screen when logging into or signing out of Windows Virtual Desktop. It can take some time, longer than you would normally experience with a local machine. Please be patient; the system is still logging you in on or off.

If you are still having problems with this, or require further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk on +44(0)1905 85 7500, or you can also log a ticket through the IT self-service portal.

Find more guides and answers in the Windows Virtual Desktop section of our FAQs.

Windows Virtual Desktop FAQs

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