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Onboarding new staff

IT Service

Onboarding new staff

If you’re a line manager and you have a new staff member joining your team, please take some time to read this page to ensure you’ve completed the necessary onboarding steps.

IT Service onboarding checklist:

Equipment requests

The IT Service is the sole authority responsible for authorising and placing orders for hardware on behalf of the University, regardless of the source of funding. Hardware is managed centrally by the IT Service using standard specifications. 

All hardware requests should be made via the IT Service Desk.

IT Service induction

The IT Service induction is designed to provide an overview of the services and resources available to staff members at the University. The induction helps new starters discover how the IT Service can support them in their new roles as well as learning some security essentials and information about further training opportunities.

The IT Service staff induction runs every Monday 2-3pm as part of a joint HR & IT induction experience. Ad-hoc arrangements can be made for staff members that are unable to attend this regular Monday induction.

To request a HR & IT induction for your new staff member, please contact Human Resources via

Access requests

Staff user account

Staff user accounts are automatically generated using the information provided by Human Resources. New staff members are advised to contact the IT Service Desk phoneline on 01905 85 7500 on their first day to request their login credentials and email address.

Important: Line managers will need to obtain and provide the new staff member with their staff number. This can be obtained from Human Resources and is used by the IT Service Desk to help verify the new starters identity.

Bespoke applications

Staff user accounts are activated when the new starter calls the IT Service Desk for their credentials. If your staff member requires access to bespoke applications such as Finance, Student, and HR Systems etc. please submit these requests as separate jobs via the self-service portal.

Identify training requirements

A variety of training resources are available from IT Service covering Cybersecurity, GDPR and Microsoft 365 apps.

The following LearnUpon courses are mandatory:

  • UCISA Information Security Awareness Training
  • GDPR Training

Discuss training requirements with your new staff starter to identify which training workshops may be suitable. Instructor-led courses can be held virtually via Microsoft Teams or in person on campus, depending on the nature of the subject being covered. These can be booked via the Staff Development Workshops area accessible from the staff homepage. To enquire about alternative dates/times, please contact the IT Service Desk.

For more information about the available training resources, please see the IT Service Training Portal.

File storage access


All staff members are automatically issued with a OneDrive account which is tied to their staff email address. File storage best practice is covered in the IT Service induction where new staff members will have the opportunity to ask questions.


If SharePoint sites have been set up in your school, department or area, you will need to provide access to any relevant sites. Please see our FAQ ‘How do I add or remove SharePoint site members?’.

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