Communication tools

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Communication tools

There are a number of communication tools available at the University of Worcester.

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Staff email
Staff email

Outlook is pre-installed onto University devices.

Webmail is available via the staff portal.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

Teams is pre-installed onto University devices and can be installed onto personal devices for free.

Zoom and other services

Microsoft Teams is the University’s officially supported collaboration and communication platform, and as such is the most integrated and up to date platform from a feature set and security perspective.

It is preferred that staff and students use Teams or Blackboard Collaborate for teaching and remote learning/tutorial sessions. Whilst there is nothing wrong with Zoom right now, it isn’t supported by IT Service beyond it’s installation, and often to get the best functionality from it requires a paid licence.

What should I be aware of if I use Zoom or other unsupported services?

Zoom has suffered from security issues, which although now patched, means we would advise caution with it’s use.

We also can’t control what happens to data used on the platform so if it must be used then take we require users to take the following precautions as a minimum:

  • Do not use your University credentials including your University password to register for/use the service
  • Do not share files using the service
  • Do not share confidential/personal/sensitive data
  • Do not record sessions
  • Do setup the meeting with a strong passwords for participants to join and to restrict access for those it is intended for

Can I get support when using Zoom?

IT Service support  for Zoom is limited to the installation of the application on your University device.

IT Service would much prefer staff and students use fully supported University solutions such as Teams and Collaborate for the best experience and security protection but if they insist on using Zoom they should take all the precautions listed above.

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