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JISC surveys

JISC provides an online survey tool where you can create, share and collaborate to gather data from surveys.

Please note: Upgrade to JISC Online Surveys 

JISC have begun a process of upgrading their Online Surveys platform to a new version. The new version has numerous advantages over its predecessor from a functionality and useability perspective, but this upgrade also has a few implications to University users with existing surveys already running on the platform. 

JISC have informed us that from 01/12/2023, it will only be possible to create new surveys using the new version of the platform (version 3).

Following this, all access to the existing version (version 2) will stop on the 29/02/2024. Prior to this date, if you have existing surveys or survey data in v2 that you’d like to retain, these can be exported and if required you can also import an existing surveys structure into v3. 

To save response data you have collected in Online Surveys v2, you can use the export feature to save your data somewhere safe. 
To reuse a v2 survey, you can export your survey structure and import it into v3.

General housekeeping is also recommended including closing surveys that you don’t need to be open, deleting surveys entirely that you no longer need, and checking your registered details such as email address are up to date.

How to access

Staff members are able to request access to JISC Online Surveys by logging a request on the IT Service Desk from here:

Once you have access you can access the tool through this link:

Help & Guidance

Help and guidance articles have been produced by JISC including information on how to design and analyse your survey results. Help and guidance can be access through this link:

Microsoft Forms

With Microsoft Forms you can create a form, such as a survey or quiz, invite others to respond to it using almost any web browser or mobile device, see real-time results as they’re submitted, use built-in analytics to evaluate responses, and export results to Excel for additional analysis or grading.

More information about Microsoft Forms

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