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Event Support

IT Service

Event Support

We can provide basic support with any audio-visual requirements you may need for your event. If you need support from the IT Service, please provide 5 working days notice so we’re able to capture all of your requirements and ensure your event runs smoothly.

We class events as conferences, one off events, bespoke lectures/seminars, open days and graduation, events can be either in person or online.

What we offer

The IT Service can provide you technical support and training for the event setup and take-down. This could be for your in-person event or your online event. We can also assist with the technical project management for the event.

If your event is online, we can provide support for online events and conferences. We can provide training and account access for online conferencing, webinars and large meetings and recommend using Microsoft Teams. We are currently unable to support a registration system. 

Equipment we provide

Equipment examples:  

  • TV Trolley 
  • Public Address (PA) System
  • Microphones
  • Webcams available for use during your event

Hybrid meeting rooms

We recommend the following rooms for hybrid meetings:

CampusRoomRoom information
St John’sEE G024
St John’sEE 1060
St John’sEE 1062
St John’sEE G168
St John’sEE G169
St John’sPN 1014
CityJL G012
CityJL G013
CityJL G017
CityCH G012 (Board Room)Meeting Room
SevernRB 1003
SevernEGA G003Meeting Room

Live Events

If you’re running a large event, conference or webinar with presenters and in-person & online participants we suggest the following rooms:

St John’sEE G087
St John’sEE G089
St John’sCC 004 (Worcester Room)
SevernUA 1001Joel Richards Conference Suite

Frequently Asked Questions

How to request event support and what information do I need to provide?

I haven’t requested in person support for my event but something has gone wrong, help?

Event support Frequently Asked Questions

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