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Help with Buying a Device

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Can I use the laptop or device I already have?

If you already have a laptop or similar device, it is likely you will be able to use this for your learning needs at the University but check below to ensure you have a device that will support you in your studies at University.

Considerations when buying your own device

Portable: A portable device is recommended so that it can easily be used at home or any other location.

Wi-fi enabled: This is essential to be able to access the internet across campus sites and beyond.

Camera: This will enable you to take part in collaborative sessions with ease from the comfort of your own home or other locations.

Cost: it is best to weigh up your personal needs and the needs of your course against your budget. Some courses will not require high-end specifications for a laptop. For example, a course requiring use of Microsoft Word will have vastly different needs to a course requiring a lot of work with computer graphics. If you are studying a GameArt or Computing course It may be worth contacting your School to check on recommended specifications for your course.

To help we have detailed two computer specifications to help you purchase an appropriate device. Note that operating system is your choice, however we recommend Windows 10 (Full Version) to give the best experience using University’s systems.

Recommended specification

Students who own the recommended specification devices should be able to work without relying upon virtual services or on-campus machines.

Operating systemWindows 10 full version (not Win10 S Mode)
Screen size14inch or larger full HD screen
ProcessorIntel Core i5, AMD Ryzen 5 or similar
Storage256GB SSD
USBTwo or more USB 3.0 ports
Battery6-hour battery life
HDMIDirect or by adaptor

Minimum specification

Students that own minimum specification devices may need to make more use of virtual services and on-campus physical provision, depending on their course.

Operating systemWindows 10 full version (not Win10 S Mode)
Screen size10inch screen
ProcessorIntel Core i3, AMD Ryzen 3 or similar
Storage128GB SSD/HDD
USBTwo or more USB 2.0 ports
Battery4-hour battery life
HDMIDirect or by adaptor

Do I need to buy anything else?

These aren’t essential but could help improve your comfort while studying:

  • A keyboard and mouse to ensure physical wellbeing and effective working practices. 
  • A webcam and microphone so you can participate in video conferences and online group meetings if these are not already built into your device.
  • Devices should be able to connect to a bigger screen (monitor or TV) for longer periods of study or collaborative work.
  • Touch screens are not required for most academic programmes, but their enhanced capabilities can be useful.

Student Hardship Fund

If you are experiencing financial difficulties that mean you are struggling to manage your costs, the Hardship Funds may be able to assist you to find out more click here.

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