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How do I add or remove a site visitor? (read only)

Published: 12 October 2021 Last updated: 21 December 2021

IT Service

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Please note: File and folder sharing is preferred, while external sharing of site collections shall be
minimised. For more information, please read the SharePoint policy.

Site visitors are able to access the Departmental and Shared document libraries with read access only by default.

To add a site visitor you’ll need to be a site owner.

Add a site visitor (read only)

  1. Select the gear cog to open the settings.
  2. Click on ‘Site permission’.
  3. Select ‘Advanced permission settings’.
  4. Click on the ‘Your site name Visitors’ group.
  5. Choose ‘New’.
  6. Enter names or email addresses.
  7. Include a personal message with the invitation (optional).
  8. Press ‘Share’.

The recipients will receive an email to advise that they have been added to the site.

Remove a site visitor

  1. To remove a user from the site visitor group, select the checkbox next to their name. (Several can be selected at once)
  2. Select ‘Actions’.
  3. Click ‘Remove users from group’.

Please note that this is immediate and no email confirmation is sent to the user.

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