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How do I move items in OneDrive for Business?

Published: 17 November 2021 Last updated: 21 December 2021

IT Service

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Drag and drop

Please note: You’ll need to use a supported up-to-date web browser for the best experience. We recommend Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or the new Microsoft Edge browser.

OneDrive for Business supports drag and drop. When dragging items to folders you will see a blue dotted line appear around any location you can move the item to. For more options, use the Move to feature.

Move to

‘Move to’ will allow you to move items around your OneDrive for Business as well as move items to other SharePoint sites that you have access to.

  1. Right click on the item you’d like to move.
  2. Select Move to.
  3. Select a location from the available list.
  4. Click on the folder you’d like to move the items to.
  5. Select Move here.

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