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How do I access SharePoint?

Published: 22 September 2021 Last updated: 21 June 2023

IT Service

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Supported browsers

In general, most SharePoint Online features are supported in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. For the best experience, please use one of the listed browsers and ensure that it is up-to-date.

Visit Microsoft’s article about supported browsers

Microsoft App Launcher

You can access Microsoft apps by logging into and then using the App Launcher in the top-left corner.

To access the Microsoft portal, you’ll need to sign in using your University of Worcester credentials. You may also be prompted to verify your sign-in using Multi-Factor Authentication.

  1. Select the App Launcher icon in the top-left corner of the site. (Often referred to as the waffle menu)
  2. Choose SharePoint from the list of available apps.

If you do not see SharePoint listed, please select All Apps then scroll through the list or use the search tool.

Have you been invited to a SharePoint site?

To access a departmental SharePoint site, you will need to have been given permission by a site owner. When a site owner invites you to join a SharePoint site, you should receive an email invitation confirming this.

If you have not received an email invitation, you may not have been provided with access to the site yet. Please contact the site owner(s) to request access.

If you’re unsure who the site owner(s) are, please contact us via the IT Service Desk.

Follow a SharePoint site

Once you follow a SharePoint site it will show up on your main SharePoint dashboard — the main dashboard you see when you sign into Microsoft Office 365 and click the SharePoint app. The site will also appear as an available location within other apps such as OneDrive for Business.

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint site you want to follow.
  2. Select ‘Not following’ in the top-right corner of the site.

It will change to showing ‘Following’.

Please note: It can take several minutes for the site to appear on your main SharePoint dashboard. If it does not appear after several minutes, try refreshing the page or clearing your browser cache.

Unfollow a SharePoint site

Unfollowing a SharePoint site is easy.

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint site you want to unfollow.
  2. Click ‘Following’ in the top-right corner.

It will change to showing ‘Not following’.

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