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How do I use the Resource Booker filters?

Published: 26 May 2022

IT Service

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Available Now

Available Now Button

The Available Now button will show you any rooms that are currently free to be booked.


Calendar view filter

The calendar allows you to select the day that you would like to make your booking.

Set a specific time

Duration filters

To best use the specific time filter it should always be used with the From and To filter so you know the rooms are free when needed.

If you only use the From field you will be shown rooms that have free time from the time selected. So if 11:00 is selected it will show the rooms that have free time after 11:00 even if the room isn’t free at 11:00. So recommend using it in tandem with the To field.

The Duration field can be used with the From field to find slots from a certain time similar to using only the From field it will show all rooms from the From time selected with a duration that is selected.

So even if From is 11:00 and the Duration is 2 Hours it will show the rooms that have a 2-hour window from 11:00 so it could possibly be a 2-hour window from 13:00-15:00 and it will appear in the filtered results. This can be useful if you don’t mind when the booking starts but if you have a set time it’s best to use the From and To fields together.


Capacity filter

The Capacity filter allows you to search for rooms based on their capacity, minimum and maximum can be used separately or together to filter the rooms based on how many people can attend.

Site and Building

Site and Building filter

The Site And Building filter shows the rooms in a certain building. Only one can be selected at any time and if you select another whilst still having a selection it will remove the original filter and show you the rooms for the newly selected building.

Room Type

Room Type filter

The Room Type filter allows the searching of rooms based on the type of room such as a Tiered Lecture Theatre or a Flat Seminar Room with Tables.

Audio Visual Equipment

Audio Visual Equipment Filter

The Audio Visual Equipment filter allows the searching of rooms that contain specific A/V equipment multiple options can be selected at once and will show any rooms that include both of the fields.

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