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How do I print from my own device or via the Wi-Fi?

Published: 29 June 2021 Last updated: 26 October 2022

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Using Webprint

Staff and Students can print from their own devices or from University devices on wireless connections using the Papercut Webprint service.

How to access Student WebPrint
  1. Log onto your MyDay portal
  2. Click on the Print & Copy Portal tile
How to access Staff WebPrint
  1. Log onto the Staff page
  2. Click on Staff Webprint within the Applications section

Submitting print jobs via WebPrint

  1. When the print interface loads click on ‘Web Print’ in the left menu
  2. Click on the green ‘Submit a Job’ button
  3. Using the Print-site-01 entries only select your printer and print option from the list:
    Mono is black and white printing, which is cheaper than Colour prints; Duplex means double-sided printing
    Note: Print-site-03 options are for the public and will be charged at higher rates
Displays the different types of printers on the university of Worcester system
  1. Click on ‘Print Options and Account Selection’ to continue
  2. Choose the number of copies you want and Click on ‘Upload documents’ to continue
  1. Drag a file into the white box or click ‘Upload from computer’ to copy your files to the print system. There is a list of allowed file types under the box
  2. Uploaded files will be shown above the ‘Drag Files’ box. Once you have all the files you want to print uploaded click on ‘Upload & Complete
Shows the print job in the que university of Worcester print system.
  1. The Submitted jobs will then Process, and you will be charged for the job. Once they are ready, they will register as Held in a queue, this means you can now go to any Printer to release them
  2. To Release your print job log onto a printer by holding your card against the card reader device- or manually sign in using the touchscreen
  3. You print job(s) will be listed. Tap on each one or tap ‘Print All’ to print.
Printers physical display once the job has been sent through.

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