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How do I release print jobs from a MFD (printer)?

Published: 16 July 2021 Last updated: 16 February 2022

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Releasing print jobs

Once a job has been successfully added to a print queue it is held ready to be printed in storage for up to 24 hours.

To release a print job from your queue you will need to visit and log into one of our Multi Function printers.

1. Hold your student or staff ID card against the card reader. If this does not work, you can sign in manually using the touch screen using your University user name and password.

MFD login screen

2. Select ‘Print Release‘ from the menu to access the documents you have waiting to print.

Printer job options screen

3. You should then see a list of the jobs you have submitted, select one and press ‘Print’ to release just that one or select ‘Print all’ to print all queued jobs.

List of Print jobs to be released

3. Once you have completed your printing remember to press ‘Log out’ to end your session.

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