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Can I live stream through Microsoft Stream?

Published: 16 July 2021 Last updated: 10 January 2022

IT Service

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Overview of live events

Please note: For advice about live stream events, please contact the IT Service Desk.

You can create live events using Microsoft Stream across the organisation. You can schedule, produce, and deliver live events for various scenarios such as company-wide events, leadership updates and more. Live events enable producers to curate and control the content that is broadcast to an audience.

You can create, schedule, and run live events using a single bitrate RTMP or RTMPS stream from an encoder – we’ll take care of all the transcoding for adaptive bitrate delivery to your viewers.

Just like any other video in Stream, you can make the live event open to your entire company or limit the access to specific groups. This provides an end-to-end creation and viewing experience inside of Stream.

After the event, the video will be available on demand with intelligent features including:

  • Speech-to-text and closed captions
  • Transcript search and timecodes let you quickly find moments that matter in a video.

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