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How do I sign into a University lectern?

Published: 7 April 2022

IT Service

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Signing into University lecterns

Lectern computers should remain switched on during teaching hours however please note that it is possible for users to switch them off manually or turn off the power at the wall socket. We kindly ask that you do not do this as it can cause disruption to the next user of the room.

  1. Move the computer mouse to wake the computer display.
  2. Enter your University of Worcester staff username (e.g ACCT1) and password to sign in.

If the display does not wake, the PC may be switched off.

  1. Check that the power socket at the wall is switched on.
  2. Look inside the lectern to ensure the computer is switched on, the power button should illuminate white. If it’s orange or unlit, press the power button on the computer to switch it on. (Lectern doors are locked but contain an access hatch which will allow you to reach the PC’s power button).

Please note: We advise that you arrive at the room ahead of time to make sure that you are familiar with the technology and that there are no unexpected issues.

If you’re experiencing technical issues with the AV equipment, please contact us via the IT Service Desk.
Please call 01905 85 7500 then select Option 1 to speak to our Learning Space Support Team.

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