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How do I add an app to a Teams meeting?

Published: 16 March 2022 Last updated: 2 August 2022

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Adding apps to Teams meetings

You can add additional functionality to your Teams meetings with integrated Microsoft 365 apps.

Apps in Microsoft Teams meetings help you do things like:

  • Get feedback with a survey or send reminders (all without interrupting the meeting)
  • Collaborate in real-time on documents, boards, and other interactive content
  • Provide meeting prep material

Note: Sixty days after a meeting was last joined, you can no longer access its apps or add new ones.

Who can use apps in meetings?

Meeting organizers and presenters can add, use, and manage apps (which includes removing apps and changing settings). 

Attendees can use apps, though sometimes not every feature.

For more information, see roles in a Teams meeting.

Add an app before the meeting

Set up the app ahead of time to prepare for your meeting.

  1. Once the meeting invite is sent, open the meeting.
  2. Select Add Add button and choose an app.

People can access the app you just added before, during, and after the meeting.

Add an app during a meeting

  1. After the meeting starts, select Apps  Add button .
  1. Choose the app you want for the meeting.

People can access the app you just added during and after the meeting.

Further information

For further information, please see the Microsoft support article linked below:

Use apps in Teams meetings

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