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How do I set my out of office via webmail?

Published: 2 July 2021 Last updated: 12 May 2023

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Setting an automatic reply via Webmail

Automatic replies / Out of office messages are a vital way to let colleagues and other people know you may not be available. You can activate this via the Outlook application, Teams or webmail.

  1. Sign in to your webmail account.
  2. Access the settings by selecting the Settings cog in the top right of the webpage. This will bring up a menu, and you will need to select Automatic replies.
Screenshot of the settings menu
  1. The Automatic replies interface will then appear. Go through the settings, and set them as you require.
Screenshot of the Automatic replies options
  1. When you have finished inputting your settings for out of office, select the OK option at the top to enable the settings.

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