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How do I record and share Microsoft Teams meetings?

Published: 30 June 2021 Last updated: 14 March 2022

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Recording a Microsoft Teams meeting

It can be useful to record a Microsoft Teams meeting for later viewing or to share with a colleague that was unable to attend.

Starting the recording 

Microsoft Teams meetings can be recorded by following the steps outlined below:

  1. From within a Microsoft Teams meeting, press the three dots at the bottom to open the menu
  2. Press ‘Start recording’ from the context menu 
Image displays a meeting in progress, with 'Start Recording' highlighted.
  1. It will take a few moments to start the recording. When the recording has started, a notification will be added to the chat for everyone to see. 
  2. You will also see a red dot to show that the meeting is being recorded

Stopping the recording

  1. Press the three dots again to reopen the context menu
  2. Press ‘Stop recording’

Please note: You cannot pause a recording.

Image displays 'stop recording'.

It will ask if you are sure that you want to stop recording the meeting.

  1. Press ‘Stop recording’ to confirm

The banner message will change to advise that the recording is being saved.

A notification will also be added to the chat to advise everyone that the recording is being saved. Once it has finished processing, this message will change into a link to the recording. Select the link or choose the three dots then ‘Open in Microsoft Stream’.

You will also receive an email notification once the recording is ready to view.

Please note: Ending the meeting will also stop the recording.

Screenshot shows 'Open in Microsoft Stream'

Where are the recordings stored?

The recordings are stored on Microsoft Stream on the account that started the recording. Microsoft Stream is the University of Worcester’s enterprise storage for video where you can upload, view and share videos securely.

For more information about Microsoft Stream please visit our Microsoft Stream page.

Sharing permissions

By default, the recording will only be visible to those who attended the meeting.

For more information about managing Microsoft Stream video permissions please see How do I share videos using Microsoft Stream?

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