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Microsoft Safe Links

Published: 28 October 2021

IT Service

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Microsoft Safe Links

A new feature in Office 365 is Safe Links, this automatic system scans links when clicked in an email for any malicious code that is used in phishing or similar spam tactics.

Although Safe Links is a strong protection against these sorts of attacks, please do continue to exercise caution when clicking on any external link. Please see our guide for Spotting suspicious links.

Scanning Messages

When you click on a link in an email a Microsoft message will come up to advise that the link is being scanned. Please wait for the scan to complete.

Safe Links scanning

Once scanned if no malicious code is found you will be forwarded to the linked webpage as per normal.

Suspicious links

If the URL is found to be suspicious then another warning is displayed. We recommend that you check the email message again before proceeding to the site.

Suspicious warning

Phishing Warning

If the link in the email comes from an address that has been identified as part of a phishing attack the link will be blocked. Please do not proceed to the site, and report this to IT via the helpdesk.

Phishing Warning

Malicious website warning

If the URL link goes to a site already identified as malicious you will get a clear warning of this. Do not proceed to the site and report to the helpdesk.

Malicious Warning

Blocked site warning

Some sites can be manually blocked by the IT Administrators, this will be identified on the warning message. Please do not proceed to the site. If you think the site has been blocked in error please raise a ticket and we will investigate.

Blocked warning

Loading error

If a site cannot be loaded, you will see an error warning. The url address cannot be opened.

Loading error warning

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