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How can staff access Adobe Creative Cloud apps?

Published: 18 November 2021 Last updated: 16 November 2023

IT Service

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Installing Adobe Creative Cloud on a University device

The Adobe Creative Cloud software suite is available for all Full Staff members.

  1. From a University Windows device, click on the Windows icon to open the start menu
  2. Type Software (a search box will automatically appear) then click on Software Centre from the search results
  3. Within the Software Center, select Adobe Creative Cloud from the Applications section then press Install
    Please note this may take several minutes to install
  4. Once available, click on the Adobe Creative Cloud icon on desktop to launch the service
  5. Sign in using your standard University of Worcester email address and password
  6. Select the Install button next to the Adobe programs you wish to install. The programs will download and install without requiring Administrator access.
Creative Cloud desktop

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