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How do I update my details on the staff directory?

Published: 16 February 2022

IT Service

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Updating the staff directory

The staff directory is a useful resource that is visible only to staff members.

The staff directory will automatically populate your name and email address however you’ll need to log in and update details such as your job title, office number etc.

  1. Go to the University of Worcester website (
  2. Scroll to the bottom then select Staff under the Further Info section
  3. Click Sign In from the top-right corner of the staff portal
  4. Enter your University of Worcester staff credentials
  5. Select the Staff Directory link in the top-left corner of the staff portal
  6. You may be prompted to sign in again
  7. Within the staff directory, select Edit My Info from the top-right corner
  8. Complete the form to the best of your ability, don’t worry if you’re unsure about some fields. You can always add more information when you find out more
  9. Scroll to the bottom then select Update

    Please note: It can take up to 10 minutes for the changes to appear on the directory.

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