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How can I set up a ‘Request sign-off’ automation using SharePoint?

Published: 18 January 2022 Last updated: 3 February 2022

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Automated sign-offs

Power Automate / Flows can be used to set up a variety of automated behaviours. The most commonly used Flow is to set up an approval process for a document. You can decide on Approvers on a per-item basis. (Please note that only UW staff members can be assigned as approvers).

Set up ‘Request Sign-off’

To set up a ‘Request Sign-off’ automation, right-click on the item within a SharePoint document library then choose Automate > Request Sign-off.

  1. Add your Approvers (University of Worcester members only)
  2. Enter a message to send to the approvers.
  3. Select Run Flow.

All approvers will receive an email asking them to view the document and either Approve or Reject the sign off.

Please note: All approvers will need access to the document in order to view it prior to approval.

Approving or rejecting Approvals

Approvers will receive an email asking them to Approve or Reject the document along with an opportunity to add a comment.

Sign-off status

When you set up a ‘Request Sign-off’ flow inside a document library, it will automatically add a ‘Sign off status’ column to the library view.

Once an Approver has approved or rejected the document, in addition to receiving a notification the ‘Sign off status’ column will update from Pending to Approved/Rejected.

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