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How do I encrypt a USB drive using BitLocker?

Published: 12 July 2021 Last updated: 16 February 2022

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How do I encrypt a USB drive using BitLocker?

You can encrypt any USB drive by following the instructions below:

1. Insert your USB drive into your PC or Laptop.
2. Open windows explorer.
3. Right click on the USB drive.
4. Select ‘Turn on Bitlocker’, if you do not have this option please contact us.
5. Select ‘Use a password to unlock the drive’ and enter a password.

  1. You will then be prompted to save a recovery key just in case you forget the password – keep this safe
  2. Select start encrypting
  3. Once the process is complete your drive is encrypted and you will need to enter a password whenever you access it

Please note: If you have a lot of data on your device, it may take a while to encrypt.

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