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How do I make a Resource Booker booking?

Published: 25 May 2022

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To create a new Resource Booker booking:

  1. Click Make a Booking from the left-hand menu.
My Booking page Resource Booker
  1. Click the room booking tile.
Make A Booking Page Resource Booker
  1. You can use the list or search menu to find a room if you know the room you want to book, otherwise you can use the different filters on the right-hand side to whittle down the results to rooms that are more suitable.
  • Clicking the available now button will show all rooms that are currently free to book.
Room Booking page
  1. You will be shown the calendar for the selected room with any previous bookings being shown in grey. Click on the time block that’s free for when you want to book the room.
  • You can use the search box on the right of the calendar to book multiple rooms at once. (Up to 3 additional rooms) This will merge the timetables for the rooms selected so you can easily see when they are both free.
Room Calendar for BY 1147 with option to book additional rooms
  1. Fill in the Booking title, and make sure the date and time are correct for your booking. You can also add more rooms the same as in the previous section. Choose the type of booking from the dropdown menu, read and confirm you understand the booking terms and conditions by clicking the “I have read the booking policy” tick box. Then click Book.
Booking form
  1. You will then receive the confirmation shown below which shows the state of the booking and the details of your booking. An email will be sent to confirm your pending booking. You’ll receive another email once the timetabling team has approved/declined the booking.
  • If you’ve made a mistake you can edit the booking by clicking the edit button, this can always be accessed at a later date from the “My Bookings” section of Resouce Booker if you have to edit a booking after it’s been approved it will revert back to pending approval.
Pending booking approval screen

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