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How do I use a ‘Microsoft Bookings’ booking page?

Published: 16 June 2022

IT Service

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Using Microsoft Bookings pages

Microsoft Bookings calendars allow staff members at the University to advertise service-based appointments using a booking page. For general information, please see our Microsoft Bookings page.

Please note: Calendar administrators are responsible for providing and advertising the URL to their booking page.

Create a booking

  1. Navigate to the Booking page via the URL
  2. Select the desired service
  3. Pick a suitable date and time
  4. If permitted/available, select the desired staff member
  5. Add your details such as name, email address etc.
  6. Some booking pages may contain additional data collection fields
  7. Select Book to confirm your booking

Confirmation of booking

You will receive an email to confirm of your booking. If you created the booking with your University of Worcester email address, the meeting will be automatically added to your calendar.

Please note: If you created the booking using a non-UW email address (such as a Gmail account) you will receive an email containing an ICS attachment that you can use to easily add the booking to your calendar. Simply click on the ICS attachment in the email to begin adding the booking to your calendar.

Join your appointment

If the booking was for an online-meeting service you will find the ‘Join your appointment’ Microsoft Teams link within the confirmation email. If the meeting is visible in your calendar, you can select it then choose Join.

Manage your booking

Your booking can be managed by clicking the Manage Booking link in the confirmation email.

When managing a booking you have the following options available:

  • Reschedule
  • Cancel booking
  • New booking

IT Service support

If you’re experiencing difficulties using Microsoft Bookings, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

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