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How do I add a ‘Chat with me in Teams’ link to my email signature?

Published: 30 June 2021 Last updated: 11 March 2022

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What is a deeplink?

You can create a link that allows people to contact you in Teams directly such as ‘Chat with me in Teams’. Clicking on the link will open the Microsoft Teams app and navigate the user directly to a private chat with you.

How to create your Teams Chat deeplink

The format for Teams chat deeplinks is as follows: EMAIL ADDRESS GOES HERE

For example, if your email address were then your deeplink would be:

How to add it to your email signature as a link

You can add this link to your email to allow people to easy instant message you on Teams.

Please note: These instructions illustrate how to do this using the Outlook desktop application.

  1. Open the Outlook desktop application.
  2. Select ‘New Email’.
Image shows 'New Email' button highlighted in
  1. On the Message menu, select Signature > Signatures.
    Depending on the size of your Outlook window and whether you’re composing a new email message or a reply or forward, the Message menu and the Signature button might be in two different locations.
Image shows Signature highlighted as a small icon in the ribbon.
Image shows Signature highlighted as a large icon in the ribbon.
  1. Choose ‘New’, and in the New Signature dialog box, enter a name for the signature.
  2. Under Edit signature, compose your signature. You can change fonts, font colours, and sizes, as well as text alignment.
  3. Type some text such as: Chat with me on Teams!
Image displays signature dialogue box in Outlook.

6. Select the text you want to add the link to and then press the hyperlink icon.

Image shows text 'Chat with me in Teams!' highlighted with hyperlink icon also highlighted.

7. Now paste your hyperlink into the Address box. Then press ‘OK’.

Image displays hyperlink inserted into dialogue box.

You will be taken back to the previous screen where you should now see that your text is blue and underlined to indicate it contains a hyperlink.

Image shows the text is blue and underlined to indicate it contains a hyperlink. Choose default signature section of the dialogue box is highlighted, the OK button is also highlighted.

8. Amend the ‘Choose default signature’ settings to choose when the signature will be used.

Press OK to apply the changes.

Please note: It is worth sending a test email to a colleague to ask them to test the link to ensure it is working as expected.

If you send emails from a shared mailbox which is also monitored by others you may want to use an email signature which does not include a personal teams chat link.

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