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What is SharePoint?

SharePoint sites provide a secure place to store, organise, share, and access information from any internet-connected device. SharePoint as a service at the University of Worcester is defined as a document storage and collaboration area. We’re using it to create cloud storage sites, allowing schools, departments and service areas to centralise their business-critical data.

For information about all of the available file storage platforms, please visit our File Storage page.

What are the benefits to storing data in SharePoint?

Microsoft 365 group-enabled SharePoint sites provide a central storage area for your school, department or area’s business-critical files as well as Forms, Lists, Planners and more.

There are many benefits to storing your data in SharePoint:

  • SharePoint is safe and secure
  • Access data from any device/anywhere (without remote access tools)
  • Share and co-author files in real-time with colleagues and external partners
  • Integrates with Microsoft 365 apps such as Office, Forms, Teams, Planner
  • Robust data recovery options are available
  • View site analytics and file activity

Site Roles

SharePoint sites feature permission groups which allows the site to be administered by site owners and shared with team members or visitors.

RolePermissionDocument library access
Site ownersFull controlDepartmental, Shared & Managers (All libraries)
Site membersEdit accessDepartmental & Shared
Site visitorsRead onlyDepartmental & Shared

Document libraries

A document library provides a secure place to store files where you and your co-workers can find them easily, work on them together, and access them from any device at any time. Our standard templated SharePoint site features three document libraries:

  • Departmental – for sharing information within the department, school or area
  • ​​​​​​​Shared – for sharing information externally with sharing links
  • Managers – Restricted to site owners by default – for sharing SMT data

Site owners can create additional document libraries and manage their permissions.

Site Pages

Our standard templated SharePoint site features a Homepage which can be edited by site owners. Create more pages via New button on the site homepage.

SharePoint sites are for storing and sharing your department, school or area’s business-critical data. Most of the files you would have stored in the O: Drive are now best stored on a SharePoint site to facilitate easier access and greater collaboration.

For more information about the appropriate storage and retention of data, please visit the Information Assurance website.

Visit the Information Assurance website

To request a SharePoint site, please use the request template on the IT Service Desk self-service portal called ‘SharePoint site request’.

You’ll need to decide on a site name and a minimum of 2 site owners. Once your request has been approved, your nominated site owners will be added to the site and invited to attend the ‘Getting started with SharePoint’ and ‘Administering SharePoint sites’ workshops.

Hub sites provide the means to organise and combine several SharePoint sites into logical groupings. Sites that are linked to a hub site will share a top-level navigation menu which allows easier navigation between grouped sites.

If you own several sites and you’d like to group them together using a Hub site, please log a general enquiry via the IT Service Desk.

Please provide the following information:

  • Desired hub site name
  • URLs of the sites you want to link

Site owners are responsible for adding site members and visitors. Please contact the site owners to request access. If you’re not sure who the site owners are, please contact us via the IT Service Desk for advice.

Nominated SharePoint site owners assume a level of responsibility:

  • Ensure data is stored safely and in line with Information Assurance’s guidance and the University’s information security policy
  • Add & remove site members, visitors and owners
  • Nominate new site owners (where required)
  • Report site ownership changes to the IT Service Desk
  • Support site member queries
  • Run usage reports to audit site, library and sharing link permissions

For more information, please see the SharePoint policy.

IT Policies

SharePoint sites are retained indefinitely with their content managed by the nominated site owners.

Items deleted from a SharePoint site are retained in the site Recycle Bin for 93 days starting from the date of deletion.

SharePoint stores up to 500 date and time-stamped versions of your office documents allowing you to open and restore previous versions using the Version History feature.

An inclusive, accessible Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides best-in-class apps and powerful cloud services with accessibility built-in. Designed to meet the needs of people around the globe with different abilities, the features within the Microsoft 365 apps ensure everyone can create, communicate, and collaborate on any device.

Accessibility support for Microsoft SharePoint

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our SharePoint FAQs for more user guides

SharePoint training

We offer instructor-led training workshops for SharePoint. As part of the training, access to an example site is provided.

Learn more about SharePoint training

SharePoint Policy

The SharePoint policy can be found on the IT Service policies page.

Read our SharePoint policy

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