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What is the O: Drive?

The O: Drive is our on-site departmental storage area for storing your departmental work files. Accessing the O: Drive typically requires the on-campus wired network connection however you can also access the O: Drive using Windows Virtual Desktop.

Access permissions

All University of Worcester staff members start with default access to the O: Drive.

In order to gain access restricted locations in your department’s storage area, you’ll need an authorised member of staff to submit an access request via the IT Service Desk.

If you’re unsure who can submit this request on your behalf, please contact us via the IT Service Desk on 01905 85 7500, live chat or by logging a ticket on the self-service portal.

What should I store on the O: Drive?

You can use the O: Drive to store any files that are critical to operation of your department.

Please note: Departments, schools and areas that have moved to using SharePoint should store new business-critical data on their SharePoint sites.

For more information about the appropriate storage and retention of data, please visit the Information Assurance website.

Visit the Information Assurance website

Frequently Asked Questions

Find more information in the O: Drive section of our FAQs.

Learn more about the O: Drive

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