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Microsoft Teams training

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that brings together chat, meetings, calling, and file sharing into a single, integrated app. As a University of Worcester student or staff member, you can use Teams to stay connected with your colleagues and classmates, no matter where you are located.

With Teams, you can chat and collaborate in real-time, create channels for different topics or projects, host online meetings with audio, video, and screen sharing, and access all of your files and apps in one place. Teams is fully integrated with other Microsoft 365 apps, making it easy to work together seamlessly.

For more general information about Microsoft Teams, please see our Microsoft Teams page.

Microsoft’s training content

Microsoft creates a wide range of training materials for their products, these are great for learning the basics, are frequently updated and don’t require you to login or register for an account.

Microsoft Teams video training

Microsoft Learning Pathways

The Microsoft Learning Pathways portal gives all University faculty, staff, and students access to official, always up-to-date, Microsoft training content. Navigate through bitesize modules on specific Microsoft 365 products or complete scenario based training.

Launch the Microsoft Learning Pathways portal

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform owned by LinkedIn that is used to help staff learn business, software, technology and creative skills through guided videos and tutorials.

Further information about the LinkedIn Learning platform.

Microsoft Teams Essential Training

Discover the core features of Microsoft Teams and see how you can bring together colleagues, create conversations and content, and collaborate more effectively. Author Nick Brazzi walks you through the essentials of using Teams, starting with basic setup, creating new teams, and joining existing teams.

Nick covers organizing teams and members and shows how to conduct conversations. He explains how to create scheduled meetings or initiate impromptu meetings inside Teams, and demonstrates file sharing. Finally, Nick walks you through customizing user settings, and explains how to use Teams on mobile devices.

Duration: 2 hours 21 minutes

Skills: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Teams is becoming a go-to tool for collaborating at work. Within Teams, individuals with the team owner role have access to controls and settings for team management that are not available to typical users or team members. In this short course, Nick Brazzi covers what you need to know to create and manage teams and channels in Microsoft Teams.

Nick starts by showing how to create public, private, and org-wide teams, as well as how to set up tags that allow users to target messages to specific people. Next, he walks through the particulars of managing team members, including how to make other members team owners and remove people from a team. He also demonstrates how to manage team options and permissions, including how to use channel moderation to control who is allowed to make posts. To wrap up, Nick goes over tools for team owners in the Teams mobile app.

Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes

Skills: Microsoft Teams

Using Microsoft Teams and Outlook Together: Maximizing Productivity

Over 75 million people now use Microsoft Teams every day. The increasing number of people using Teams has changed the way users work with Outlook—one of the world’s most popular desktop email clients—for communication, scheduling, and general collaboration. In this course, discover how to use these two programs together in the right balance to increase collaboration and maximize productivity. Learn about managing calendars, creating meetings and appointments, and the features of private and group chats. Explore the overlapping tools provided in both programs and which type of communication is best accomplished with each application.

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