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File Sensitivity Labels

Published: 30 April 2024

News Category: Staff News

IT Service

File Sensitivity Labels are a feature that has been deployed to the University’s Microsoft Office applications. These allow you to label a file that is highly sensitive or personal/confidential, that shouldn’t be in the public domain and/or have restricted access.

Staff should already be familiar with this principal from following the Information Classification Guidance for how they treat, share and store information, and these labels align closely with this.

More information on this can be found here:

Using these labels will allow staff to spot materials that shouldn’t be shared or stored in unrestricted areas, as well as trigger helpful prompts if being sent by email, warning of the file’s sensitivity.

The label feature can be found in the Office ribbon in the “Home” tab on the far right hand side. Visability of the label itself is found in the file name, visible in Windows File Explorer and Microsoft 365 online.

There’s also a learn more button that takes you to further Microsoft guidance on the feature found here:

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