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How can I request event support and what information do I need to provide? 

Published: 26 July 2021

IT Service

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How can I request event support?

You can request event support through our IT Self-Service Portal and selecting ‘Event Support Request’

Event support is provided on a case by case basis. Sometimes we are unable to support events as we don’t have all the required information within the appropriate timescales. We don’t want you to be panicking! 

What information do I need to provide?

  • Location of your event (please note we can only support events at the University of Worcester Campus’s or online) 
  • Date & Time 
  • Equipment you think you may need e.g. University iMacs or TV Trolley 
  • Number of people attending your event 
  • Potential budget

Sometimes you may find that you do not need in person event support on the day and our dedicated Learning Space Support team will be more appropriate to support your request contact us on 01905857500

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