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University Printer Fleet Upgrade – Latest Update

Published: 31 October 2022

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IT Service

This page will be updated as further information becomes available and the works progress – Last updated 16:50 10/11/22.

Following the rollout of the new print fleet there are some notable updates to be aware of:

Print queues will now revert to normal

From Monday the 14th November, staff and students should use “University Print” queue as normal when printing to the new Kyocera devices – the “Temporary queue” that was used as part of the deployment will be retired towards the end of next week and should no longer be used from the 15th November onward.

For Apple Mac users, the “University Print” queue should appear upon login. if it does not appear then the queue should be available to install from Self Service – please contact the IT Service Desk if you are unsure on how to do this.

With regard to the older printers that are still remaining on campus, these have been disconnected and we are actively pursuing their removal by our previous supplier.

Print queues at The Hive

We will also be deploying the “University Print” queue to the Hive on Monday morning (14/11/22) to computers in public access areas. This will replace the “Temporary Queue” in the same manner as on campus.

Print queues used by members of the public will remain and function in the same manner as before the upgrade.

Previous Updates:

What is happening?

  • All University multi-function printers will be upgraded to full colour smaller format Kyocera devices.
  • Existing devices in computer labs will be removed and not replaced – this is based on long term low usage stats and feedback.
  • Print credit for staff usage will remain unrestricted however usage will be more closely monitored via reporting in the interest of sustainability.
  • Print credit for students will remain unchanged, as will existing credit balances.
  • The new devices have a smaller physical footprint, with current add-ons like card readers and staple finishers built-in.
  • The Scan to OneDrive feature will remain, as will Webprint, and students will still use kiosks to top-up credit
  • Staff and students may also find that they receive a fresh email confirmation to link the PaperCut scan to cloud service to their University OneDrive the next time they use this service on University printers. This is normal and the scan will then be delivered to the “Apps” folder into their OneDrive as normal once relinked.

When is it happening?

  • The switchover is planned to take place during the last week of October, beginning Friday 28th and will last for approximately one week.
  • Disruption to using printers during the switchover is to be expected and campus locations will be upgraded sequentially.
  • The schedule of areas being upgraded is as follows (exact dates and times with follow shortly):
  1. Charles Hastings Building 28/10/2022
  2. Mulberry House 28/10/2022
  3. The Art House 28/10/2022
  4. Jenny Lind Building 31/10/2022
  5. Thomas Telford Building 01/11/2022
  6. Peirson Study & Guidance Centre 01/11/2022
  7. Student Union Building 01/11/2022
  8. Edward Elgar Building Part 1 01/11/2022
  9. Edward Elgar Building Part 2 02/11/2022
  10. Binyon Building 02/11/2022
  11. Charles Darwin Building 02/11/2022
  12. Hines Building 02/11/2022
  13. Sports Centre 02/11/2022
  14. Bredon Building 02/11/2022
  15. Sheila Scott Building 02/11/2022
  16. Lakeside  02/11/2022
  17. Elizabeth Casson Building 03/11/2022
  18. Riverside Building 03/11/2022
  19. University Arena 03/11/2022
  20. The Hive 03/11/2022
  21. Woodbury Building 03/11/2022

What do I need to take note of regarding the switchover?

  • Each printer will only be out of action for a short period and other nearby devices will continue operating whilst each machine is swapped over.
  • It’s important to note that the PaperCut solution which is currently used to login and administered print jobs will be unchanged for these new devices.
  • Staff and students will still use the same “University Print” Queue to submit and release printing, and Black & white double sided will remain the default print setting.
  • IMPORTANT: Whilst devices are swapped over, the new printers will use a temporary print queue called “Temporary Queue” and whilst the switchover works are taking place, staff and students should use this queue to submit jobs to the new printers. This queue will be deployed automatically to University devices and only be in place whilst the switchover works are being carried out. Once complete all devices will return to printing via the usual “University Print” queue as normal.
  • Posters will indicate to users which printers are the new devices, the need to use “Temporary Queue” to submit print jobs and they will also point out the new card reader location on the device to login.

Basic guidance on the main changes to the new printers can be found here:

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