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Important: University Computer upgrades to Windows 11

Published: 1 August 2023

News Category: Staff News

IT Service

The IT Service began the process of deploying the Windows 11 operating system out to computers within the University estate from August 2023. 

Windows 11 has been available for sufficient time now that it can be considered a stable and worthwhile upgrade to Windows 10. Its deployment ensures that our staff and in particular our students remain at the forefront of Microsoft’s release cycle, working and studying with the experience they are likely to find in the wider world.

How to upgrade your University Windows device as a member of staff

Upgrading your University staff computer that is already running Windows 10 to Windows 11 is very simple but there are some things to consider before you start:

  • This upgrade will not wipe the machine and your software/files should remain unaffected, however we strongly recommend following best practice by ensuring any important files are backed up to University cloud storage (Microsoft OneDrive/SharePoint).
  • If you use specialist software that isn’t compatible with Windows 11, this may stop functioning – please contact the IT Service Desk if you have concerns regarding this. All standard software applications installed to your device already by the IT Service will be unaffected.
  • Please ensure you leave enough time for the upgrade – the process will take approximately 45 minutes so we recommend doing this during a lunchbreak or other quieter period.
  • If you cannot see the option to upgrade within the Software Center, please contact the IT Service Desk who can advise if this is the case.
  • Your first login may take longer than normal whilst the system is configured for first time use.

To upgrade your University device to Windows 11 (typically manufactured by Dell) please do the following:

  1. Click on the search box within the Windows start bar and type “Software Center“.

  1. Select the “Operating Systems” tab on the left and click “Upgrade Windows 11 Version 22H2” (if the version changes from these instructions this will not affect this step).
  1. Click “Install“.

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