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Viva Insights

IT Service

What is Viva Insights?

Microsoft Viva Insights is a Microsoft tool that gives individuals, managers, and leadership personalised insights into performance.

Viva Insights gives recommendations for focusing on work and training time, staying connected with colleagues, task management, and analytics from your mailbox, calendar, OneDrive to show how your recent time has been used.

Get personal insights in the flow of work

Explore ways to build better work habits. Track and improve the effectiveness of your meetings. Prioritise wellbeing with actionable recommendations, such as reserving time for focused work.

Help teams balance productivity and wellbeing

Foster productivity and wellbeing for teams large or small, with manager and leader insights. Help managers explore and build personal habits that impact team culture—for example, by scheduling “no-meeting” days.

Address unique business challenges

Generate valuable insights and flexible reports for business leaders. Address complex challenges using advanced tools and a library of prebuilt analysis accelerators, visualizations, and interactive reports.

Designed to help keep your data safe and private

Only you can view personal data and insights based on work patterns. Trusted cloud security and privacy safeguards help enable organizations to maintain compliance with industry and regional requirements.

Access Viva Insights

You can access Viva Insights via the Office website by going to the following link:

Alternatively, go to then select Viva Insights from the app launcher.

Microsoft Teams

You can add the Viva Insights in the Microsoft Teams app.

  1. Within the Microsoft Teams app, select the … More added apps from the left-hand side.
  2. Using the search bar, type ‘Viva Insights’.
  3. Select ‘Viva Insights’ from the results to add it to your app bar.

Microsoft Outlook

Viva Insights are available in Outlook. You’ll find Viva Insights in the ribbon bar in the top right-corner of the Outlook desktop app.

Microsoft Outlook add-in

How the University is using Viva Insights

You will receive a monthly email containing your MyAnalytics information. The information contained is secure, and internal to the University. The email will contain a summary of your collaboration time, focus and wellbeing to show you how your time has been used recently.

What it does not show

Viva Insights does not collect analytics for shared mailboxes. Emails sent by an assistant on your behalf are not included in your data.

MyAnalytics only includes data about email that you send from your mailbox. However, MyAnalytics does include your calendar events in your data, including the events created and accepted on your behalf by your assistant.

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