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Security training

IT Service

Security training

The University of Worcester works hard to secure your devices, data, infrastructure to create a safe secure learning experience but security starts with you.

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LearnUpon is our online e-learning portal.

Human Resources will automatically enrol you onto the mandatory IT security and GDPR e-learning modules contained on the LearnUpon platform. If you do not see these listed on your LearnUpon dashboard, please contact

GDPR Training

Data protection legislation (GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018) places obligations on the University and the way it handles personal data.  In turn members of the University have responsibilities to ensure personal data is processed fairly, lawfully and securely. This module is mandatory for all staff members.

UCISA Information Security Awareness Training

This is a self-paced course aimed at developing a broad awareness of Information Security issues among University staff. It lasts approximately 100 – 110 minutes including a test at the end.

Visit our LearnUpon page for more information.

Instructor-led workshops

GDPR, Data Protection, FOI and Information Security

Description: This instructor-led workshop presents an overview of data protection legislation and sets out the University’s legal obligations. Practical guidance for staff is provided to enable best practice when dealing with personal data. There will be discussion and participation from attendees as to how the law affects their individual roles and opportunities to seek advice and clarification

Facilitators: Saj Hussain (Cyber Security Manager) & Gemma Harris (Information Governance & Legal Officer)

Microsoft Learning Pathways

The Microsoft Learning Pathways portal gives all University faculty, staff, and students access to official, always up-to-date, Microsoft training content. Navigate through bitesize modules on specific Microsoft 365 products or complete scenario based training.

Launch the Microsoft Learning Pathways portal

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform owned by LinkedIn that is used to help staff learn business, software, technology and creative skills through guided videos and tutorials.

Further information about the LinkedIn Learning platform.

Cybersecurity Awareness: Cybersecurity Terminology

Do you want to play your part in keeping your company and its assets secure, but you’re not sure if you fully comprehend the security team’s terminology? Understanding the foundations of cybersecurity can help you create a truly secure environment both at work and in your personal life. In this course, instructor Lauren Zink takes you on a crash course for building your awareness of cybersecurity vocabulary, so you can be better equipped to secure your network, whether you’re at home, on the go, or on the job.

Discover core concepts in the cybersecurity field by exploring the relationship between people, processes, and technology, noting the variety of terminology in the constantly shifting security landscape, and building your skills along the way. Find out more about common threats and risks and what they mean to you, as Lauren breaks down the meaning of some of the most frequently used terms and demonstrates how they can be applied to create a more secure environment.

Duration: 44 minutes

Skills: Information Security Awareness

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