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Power BI training

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Power BI

Power BI is a business intelligence tool that enables organisations to visualise and analyse their data. It allows users to create interactive dashboards, reports, and data visualisations, empowering them to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. With its intuitive interface and powerful analytics capabilities, Power BI connects to various data sources, cleanses and transforms data, and presents it in a visually appealing manner. It provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their data, helping them uncover patterns, trends, and opportunities for growth.

For further information on the Power BI platform, please see our Power BI page.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform owned by LinkedIn that is used to help staff learn business, software, technology and creative skills through guided videos and tutorials.

Further information about the LinkedIn Learning platform.

Getting Started with Power BI

Learn how to view and manipulate data in Power BI Service, the online version of the popular Microsoft data visualization tool. Gini von Courter explores the features used most by Power BI “consumers”— the end users of Power BI content such as dashboards and reports. Learn how to sign up for Power BI and navigate a typical app. Gini then shows how to subscribe to dashboards—collections of visualizations taken from reports and workbooks—and view individual tiles, add comments, set alerts, and share dashboards and tiles with team members. Next you can explore reports, which display data in more detail. Gini shows how to sort and filter, export, and share reports, either directly through Power BI or as a PowerPoint or PDF export. Finally, learn how to view your dashboards and reports on the go using the Power BI mobile app.

Power BI Essential Training

Discover how to quickly glean insights from your data using Power BI. This formidable set of business analytics tools—which includes the Power BI service, Power BI Desktop, and Power BI Mobile—can help you more effectively create and share impactful visualizations with others in your organization. In this course, Gini von Courter helps you get started with this powerful toolset. Gini begins by covering the web-based Power BI service, explaining how to import data, create visualizations, and arrange those visualizations into reports. She discusses how to pin visualizations to dashboards for sharing, as well as how to ask questions about your data with Power BI Q&A. She also provides coverage of Power BI Mobile and shows how to use the data modeling capabilities in Power BI Desktop.

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