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Microsoft Bookings training

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Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is an online scheduling tool that integrates with your calendar as part of Microsoft 365. Bookings calendars provide staff members the ability advertise services so that appointments can be booked with you or your team quickly and efficiently.

Visit our Microsoft Bookings page for more general information.

Microsoft’s training content

Microsoft creates a wide range of training materials for their products, these are great for learning the basics, are frequently updated and don’t require you to login or register for an account.

Microsoft’s Bookings training

Instructor-led workshops

Getting started with Microsoft Bookings [ITBO01]

Description: This is an entry-level 1 hour workshop for Microsoft Bookings. This workshop presents an overview and a practical look at Microsoft Bookings calendars and is designed to help you learn how to set up and manage your Bookings calendar, services, staff and bookings. For general information about MS Bookings, please see the Microsoft 365 page on the IT Service website.

Participants: This workshop is designed for staff members that are planning to request a Microsoft Bookings calendar.

Facilitator: Jack Carver (Senior IT Training Analyst)

Learning outcomes:

  • Request a Bookings calendar
  • Configure your business information
  • Add and manage staff
  • Add and manage services
  • Customise your booking page
  • Managing your bookings
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