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Web-based applications design

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IT Service

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Keywords: Online tools, web based, applications design 

IT Service Division: Digital Design


When considering IT tools or systems to fulfil a specific project goal or function, the provision of large 3rd party solutions may not always be the best approach. These can often be prohibitively expensive, take many months to plan and integrate, or may simply be excessive to deliver smaller scale objectives.

In such scenarios it is worth considering that IT Service can design, code and build several types of web-based application which be can tailored and branded to suit specific purposes. Typical examples include the creation of storefronts and booking systems, but even if your requirement falls outside of those areas, it can still be worth contacting us to see if we can help. We can also explore whether existing solutions from other areas can be modified to fulfil a new purpose.

To enquire regarding this service please place a request on the IT Service Desk with as much information as possible, and we will contact you to discuss potential options. Please bear in mind that depending on the level of complexity such developments do take time to create and are by no means “next day” tasks so please factor this into your request.

Example support requests for this service:

  • I have a project which has a short term need to deliver online bookings, can you help?
  • Please can I discuss with someone the types of web-based application IT Service can build as our School may have a need explore in-house options in comparison to a procurement tender exercise.

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