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Online Payments Setup

Service Catalogue Category: Web Development & Hosting

IT Service

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Keywords: Cloud payment, events, WorldPay 

IT Service Division: Digital Design


IT Service is often required to facilitate online payments for events and services offered by the University. These can range from ad-hoc temporary setups for time-limited activities through to permanently integrated solutions for mainstream services.

Online payments are a convenient tool which can often be used forgo the need for in-situ payments and the Point of Sale infrastructure needed to action them. This is turn saves time and prevents disruption as setups are not location dependant and limited by on power/data access or staff availability. They can also run 24/7 and can receive support via the IT Service Desk in office hours.

Place a request via the IT Service Desk to enquire about this service and a member of the Digital Design Division will contact you.

Example support requests for this service:

  • I have an event I’d like to sell tickets for, how can I setup online payments for this?
  • A new University system requires the integration of online payments, can offer any assistance with this please?

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