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IT Service Induction for New Starters

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IT Service

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IT Service Division: Digital Design | User Experience


For all new University staff, IT Service offers an IT Induction. This is mandatory and is booked in combination with the main University induction which is jointly run by the Human Resources (HR) department and IT Service.

The IT component of these sessions lasts for up to an hour and are typically held virtually via Microsoft Teams on Monday afternoons. Line managers of new staff should contact HR in advance to book these as part of their onboarding process.

If staff are unable to attend (for example they don’t work on a Mondays), separate sessions can be arranged when necessary by contacting the IT Service Desk.

The inductions cover the essentials of IT at the University providing a broad overview of topics most useful to new staff. They also include information on cybersecurity, notably the most important elements such as the compromised accounts procedure and policies all staff are expected to abide by.

Once attended, staff will then also need to complete a selection of online training courses via LearnUpon which will be explained in the induction itself.

Example support requests for this service:

  • I have a new staff starter, how can I book their IT Induction?
  • A new part-time member of staff in our team only works Tuesday-Thursday, can I book an IT induction for them?

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