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IT Service

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IT Division: Digital Design | User Experience


IT Service provides multiple methods for staff to install sanctioned University Software on to their University devices.

For University provided Windows computers, staff can use the Software Centre on their device to install software from.

For University provided Apple computers, staff can use the Self-Service Software installer on their device to install software from.

Applications not available using these mechanisms may require individual purchase and/or installation by an IT Service technician. Please see section 12 for more information.

Staff can also download software using the University’s Student Software Store. From here you can download some of the applications you would use on your work machine, such as SPSS, for remote/home use at no cost.

This store is located here.

Software availability evolves constantly based on the products that have been identified as being necessary for learning & teaching purposes. Please contact the IT Service Desk if you have a specific enquiry regarding which applications are available.

Example Support Requests for this Service:

  • How can I download the Adobe Creative Cloud suite on my office PC?
  • Can I get a copy of SPSS for use on my personal laptop at home?

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