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Designing New University Systems

Service Catalogue Category: Software & Enterprise Systems

IT Service

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Keywords: Projects, Professional Services, Systems, Business Functionality       

IT Division: Governance | User Experience |Digital Design


IT Service can help support departments and school design, build and develop new IT systems to support the University’s operations and business. IT is usually core component of most new projects, and it is important to involve IT Service from the earliest stages of project inception in order to:

  • Ensure compatibility with existing university systems, databases and infrastructure
  • Prevent unnecessary duplication by providing a comparison between existing services and those of 3rd parties
  • To ensure sufficient IT resource is factored into project timeframes
  • To add value and save costs by considering solutions designing and built “in-house”

For larger projects, the Director of IT should be invited to the appropriate kick-off meetings but for smaller or  limited lifespan systems a business case should be submitted via the IT Service Desk

Example Support Request for this Service:

  • We are looking to modernise and streamline the administrative processes of our team and are considering a cloud solution to help automate tasks, could you attend our project kick-off meeting?

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