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Corporate Systems & Applications Support

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IT Service

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Keywords: Data integration, 3rd party Systems, Business Systems  

IT Division: Digital Design/Operations


The University runs a number important business systems, some of which the primary responsibility for falls outside of IT Service. However, there is usually integrated support for applications such as this where IT Service may be responsible for several aspects, such as the maintenance and patching of on-premise servers to run the applications from, through to managing complex upgrades and data integration processes.

Examples of such corporate systems include the Student Records Management System (Tribal SITS), The University’s Timetabling solution (Scientia), Facilities Management System (Archibus), Placement Management Service (Arc) and Accommodation System (Kx) amongst others.

Usually support from IT Service for these services is formalised during the early stages of a procurement exercise, from which ongoing enquiries can be raised via the IT Service Desk. Other IT processes such as Change Management will typically be utilised for larger works/upgrades, whereas minor hotfixes can be completed during the IT Service monthly maintenance day. Some works will also be triggered by circumstances within IT Service such as the need to upgrade to a new operating system for example.

Example Support Request for this Service:

  • Ongoing changes to the SITs system require us to plan in an upgrade to the next version. Can you assist with this please?

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