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Keywords: Student PCs, Student iMacs, Images, Worcester Business School, Game Art, Education, Geography

IT Division: Governance | Service Desk | User Experience


The teaching and learning software used by some schools at the University can be highly specialised and  is continually evolving. Each year IT Services works with schools to build and deploy new software images (collections of software) to the University’s student computer labs so it can be utilised for teaching. Some schools have permanent computer labs allocated to them, whereas others are deployed to multiple areas. Separate software images are also created for different types of device e.g. Windows PC, Apple iMac.

The annual lifecycle for image build and deployment follows an approximate pattern:

  • January: Internal IT timeline for imaging confirmed and computer labs booked during the summer
  • February: Key contacts in stakeholder schools sent imaging timeframes at deadline
  • May: Cut off point for submitting new software requests for following academic year §June: Procurement/renewal of software for computer labs is completed and building begins
  • July: Imaging testing begins
  • August: Image is finalised and deployed to specific labs
  • September: Teaching begins using new software image for beginning of academic year

Example Support Request for this Service:

  • I’m teaching a new module next year and I’d like to add some new software to the computers in room EE1101 to help with its delivery please – how do I go about arranging that?

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