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University O: Drive

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IT Service

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Keywords: O: Drive, File Storage, Sharing, WebDav, Legacy 

IT Service Division: Operations


The O: Drive is the University’s legacy corporate file repository, used by Schools and departments to store critical files that staff require to complete their duties. It contains a series of folders restricted by security groups and file permissions so that staff are only able to view the appropriate content that their role has access to. Folder security groups also define the level of access that a user has to individual files, be that view, read only, write, modify or full access.

Authorised administrators in schools and departments are authorised to log requests via the IT Service Desk to add or remove staff members to security groups in order to control access to folders. They may also have permissions to create new folders and can  place requests for new security groups to be setup.

Connection to the O: Drive works best when using a device connected to the University network but can be mapped to devices away from the University without access to VPN.

Note that the O:Drive’s lack of integration with cloud services (and the sharing capabilities which they provide) mean that it has been superseded at the University by Microsoft SharePoint and administrators are encouraged to move content to that system instead.

Example support requests for this service:

• Who is my school/departments authorised administrator?

• As an authorised administrator please can I add a user to a security group?

• As an authorised administrator please can I edit the permissions of a security group?

• Our authorised administrator has left, how do I set myself up with the same access on the O: Drive?

• I’d like to map the O: drive to my laptop for use away from the office/VPN, how do I do this?

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