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University N: Drive

Service Catalogue Category: File Storage & Collaboration

IT Service

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Keywords: N: Drive, File Storage, Personal, Legacy

IT Service Division: Operations


The N: Drive is the University’s legacy personal file repository for staff. It was launched at the turn of the millennium and is used to store files on the University network. This meant that if a staff PC or Laptop experienced data loss, any files stored on a staff members N: would be backed-up and protected. Each N: drive has a limited storage capacity of 500mb.

Since the launch of OneDrive to all staff in 2017 which has considerably more storage (5TB>) and advanced cloud sharing capabilities, the University has ceased to offer new staff N: Drives and so this is considered a legacy service under review.

Example support requests for this service:

• I have lost access to my N: Drive, please can you assist?

• My colleague has a N: Drive for storage but I don’t, is there a reason for this?

• Can I request more storage space for my N: drive please?

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