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Microsoft SharePoint

Service Catalogue Category: File Storage & Collaboration

IT Service

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Keywords: Office 365, SharePoint, File Storage, Sharing, Collaboration 

IT Service Division: User Experience


Microsoft SharePoint is part of the University’s Office 365 suite of applications. The service is primarily used for the storage of University documents and files in the cloud and allows for convenient collaboration when working on documents which can then be easily shared with other University users or 3rd parties. Storage and sharing files in this way is highly secure and the level of access received by the intended audience is configurable to suit the authors needs e.g. read only.

SharePoint is the sister cloud service to OneDrive. Where OneDrive is used by staff and students to store their personal files, SharePoint is intended for use by University staff to act as the corporate repository of essential files, with site permissions and access defined by administrators within and between Schools and Departments. Beyond storage and sharing, SharePoint has many other advanced features and can used to create linked sites of resources connected between groups, ultimately forming an intranet.

Important Note: This service is launching in it’s first phase for use by University staff following successful pilot trials. Not all features and site types described in the SharePoint policy will be available during this first phase. Please contact the IT Service Desk for more details.

Example support requests for this service:

• How do I access the areas of SharePoint needed for my role?

• How do I register as a site owner for my schools SharePoint?

• Can I get some training on SharePoint as a user or site owner?

• Where can I find the University’s SharePoint policy?

• A file has disappeared from SharePoint, how can I recover it?

• How do I increase our school’s available storage quota in SharePoint?

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