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Microsoft OneDrive

Service Catalogue Category: File Storage & Collaboration

IT Service

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Keywords: Office 365, OneDrive, File Storage, Sharing, Cloud

IT Service Division: Operations


Microsoft OneDrive is part of the University’s Office 365 suite of applications. The service is primarily used by University Staff and Students to store documents and files in the cloud and allows for convenient collaboration when working on personal documents which can then be easily shared with other users or 3rd parties. Storage and sharing files in this way is highly secure and the level of access received by the intended audience is configurable to suit the authors needs e.g. read only.

University Staff receive 5TB of cloud storage in OneDrive which is accessible for the duration of their employment at the University.

Example support requests for this service:

• Can I get some training on using OneDrive?

• I’d like to link my OneDrive to the Document Library on my Windows device.

• A file has disappeared from my OneDrive, how can I recover it?

• I’m about to leave the University, can I retain access to my OneDrive and its files?

• Where can I view the University’s OneDrive Policy?

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