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All staff are provided with staff user account and its credentials once start their role at the University. This will consist of a username and password for authentication to University Services.  If you have not received these please contact the IT Service Desk – please note it is likely you will need to validate your identify so having your staff number accessible is useful.

A staff account username is formed from the first three letters of the individuals last name, followed by the first letter of their first name and then a number. 

When logging into certain University computers or services this may occasionally require the prefix of worcto login. 

For example, new staff member ”Anne Other” would have the username OTHA1 which when logging into a student lab PC would be typed as worc\OTHA1 

All University accounts require a password. Staff are advised to change the password they are provided with as soon as possible to something more memorable but complex enough that it is not easy to guess. The use of special characters, numbers and capital letters is encouraged.  

University passwords have requirements set to provide a benchmark level of security. When resetting your password you will be prompted to use a stronger password if the one entered doesn’t meet these requirements. Examples include not using previous passwords either in full or in part,  or using easily or commonly guessable words such as “Worcester” or “Password”. 

Example support requests for this service:

•I’m struggling to login, can you help?

•I’ve just started working for the University but have not yet been issued my account credentials – can you help?

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