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Password Resets

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IT Service

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IT Service Division: Governance | Service Desk Team


IT Service offers University staff multiple methods to reset their account password. These are:

• By pressing the ‘ctrl’, ‘alt’, and ‘del’ keys simultaneously on any University Windows device they are logged into* and selecting “Change a Password”.

• Once registered for Multi-Factor Authentication, by browsing to to and changing an account password from there.

• If setup for University webmail by browsing to and changing your password in the options menu.

• If you above methods do not work, or if you have forgotten your password please contact the IT Service Desk and we will reset it for you.

*The PC needs to be connected to the University network via a wired connection or VPN.

Important note: If a staff member believes their account to have been compromised for any reason they should change their password immediately. They should contact the IT Service Desk if they require assistance with this and also to confirm that their account is secure.

Example support requests for this service:

•Please can you reset my password?

•I believe my account has been compromised, please can you reset my password and confirm the account is secure?

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